Our Services

As Residential Managing Agents we offer a variety of services to many different clients.

We can provide any or all of the following services, depending on what your requirements are:

  • Service Charge collection
  • Ground Rent collection
  • Rent Charge collection
  • Estate Management
  • Right to Manage
  • Preparation of Service Charge budgets
  • Preparation of year end accounts
  • Arrangement of maintenance contracts and preparation of regular maintenance plans
  • Communication with residents on all matters
  • 24 hour support/emergency helpline
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Company Directorship Services
  • Preparation of Client Reports
  • KPS Maintenance Team
  • Dealing with Consents and Notices


Residents Management Companies

We consider ourselves less service providers and more property management partners. We build long-term relationships with our clients, so we can work closely and responsively with you, to run things exactly how you want them to be run.

We aim to provide a first-class management service, whatever service we are providing. Our locally-based, professional property managers work closely with our clients to deliver a pro-active and responsive service.

We provide a personalised, hands-on service, meaning we can more readily identify, understand and respond to our customers’ needs. An individual Property Manager will be appointed to be the main point of contact and regular inspections are undertaken to ensure services are being provided and that repairs have been carried out, effectively in line with your service levels.

With Kingston Property Services, you’re in safe hands. We’ll work together to deliver exactly what you’re after. And what you see is what you get. Honesty and reliability are central to the way we do business. We provide an efficient and cost-effective service, designed to meet and exceed the exacting requirements of our clients.


Kingston Property Services are the first choice of most of the housebuilders in the North East.

From large national companies to smaller bespoke companies, we work with the developers from the planning stage to ensure we provide an effective bespoke service for each site that we manage. This ensures clients know exactly what services Kingston Property Services will be providing on site along with the expected costs.

Kingston Property Services can purchase freeholds of apartment blocks and are happy to take ownership for communal freehold areas on estates, subject to some conditions.

New Build Estate Management

We understand the importance of effective and successful estate management and its positive effects upon sales and profitability. We also recognise the importance for the developer of working with a reliable company in order to safeguard their reputation.

Our diverse experience of new build estate management furnishes us with the capability of delivering a service that is tailored to your exact requirements and fully compliments your own skills as a developer. To ensure we can work together as effectively as possible, we would encourage you to reach out to us as early as possible in the process, to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. As we’re in it for the long-term; we’ll work to build sustainable relationships that last with both you and your residents.

Kingston Property Services recognise that the residents are a priority, and work to provide an effective liaison point between residents and developers. We go out of our way to assist residents, and to help them settle into their new homes.

On your behalf, we’ll set up and establish estate and rent charges, enabling the site to be run efficiently before, during and after completion.


Kingston Property Services manage portfolios for some of the most prestigious ground rent investors in the country, offering a bespoke, professional service that is tailored to our clients’ needs.

We’ll work not only with you, but also with your leaseholders to ensure you’re not distracted by day-to-day issues, enabling you to concentrate on your core business of developing your property portfolio.

We manage a diverse range of properties, from small house redevelopments to large, purpose-built apartment blocks. This expertise means our management services are efficient and hassle-free.

Right to Manage Companies

Are you unhappy with the current management of your property? Would you like to take control of your development? Allow us to help you through the process…

  • We’ll navigate the Right to Manage process from start to finish on your behalf – and we’ll always explain it in plain English.
  • We tailor our services according to what you need – and we price with transparency.

What is right to manage?
The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 allows some leasehold property owners to take over the management of the building – even without the agreement of the landlord – via the transfer of the landlord’s management functions to a Right to Manage (RTM) company set up by the leaseholder.

This new right was introduced not just as a means of wrestling control from bad landlords, but also as a way of empowering leaseholders, who generally hold the majority of value in the property, to take responsibility for the management of their block.

The right to manage is available to leaseholders of flats, but not leaseholders of houses. The process is relatively simple. The landlord’s consent is not required, nor is any order of court. There is no need for the leaseholders to prove mismanagement by the landlord. The right is available, whether the landlord’s management has been good, bad or indifferent.

The right is exercised by the service of a formal notice on the landlord. After a set period of time, the management transfers to the RTM company. Once the RTM has been transferred, the landlord is also entitled to membership of the company.

However, there are important issues to consider and a substantial amount of work to be done before service of the notice, if the takeover of management is to be successful. The building must meet certain conditions and a minimum number of leaseholders are required to take part.

  • At least two-thirds of the flats must be let to ‘qualifying tenants’*
  • It can be part-commercial, but the non-residential part must not exceed 25% of the total floor area
  • RTM does not apply where the immediate landlord of any qualifying tenant is a local housing authority.

*A ‘qualifying tenant’ is a leaseholder whose lease was granted for an original term of more than 21 years. There is no requirement for any past or present residence in the flats, nor any limit on the number of flats that can be owned by one person.

The right to manage may only be exercised by a RTM company, and the members of this company must comprise a sufficient number of qualifying tenants. The minimum number of qualifying tenants must be equal to at least half the total number of flats in the building.

The right relates to a building, so in an estate of separate blocks, each block would need to qualify separately and an individual RTM notice be served. In the case of an estate of flats under the same management, it would be sensible to take over the management of the whole estate, but this would have to be accomplished by application in respect of each separate block.

If you are considering invoking a Right to Manage with regard to your property then Kingston Property Management can help steer you through every part of the process.

*Kingston may be able to assist you with funding the RTM process.

Please contact us to discuss further.


Frequently asked questions

How can I pay my service charge?

  • By monthly direct debit (contact us for a mandate).
  • By cheque made payable to Kingston Property Services (with agreement ref. on reverse).
  • By debit / credit card either by phone or in person at our office.
  • By making an online payment through www.kingstonpropertyservices.co.uk.

However, if your bank returns a direct debit payment or an unpaid cheque an administration fee will be debited to your account and the facility may be withdrawn if missed payments are not covered. Payment will then need to be met as per the terms of your Lease/TP1.

What time are Kingston offices open?
Our offices are open Monday to Friday between 8:45am and 5.00pm. We also operate an emergency out-of-hours service after 5.00pm and at weekends. This service is for urgent communal repairs and health & safety issues only.

Why do I pay a service charge?
This is to cover the provision of services which are detailed in the terms of the Lease. This can include window cleaning, gardening, communal electricity, minor repairs, buildings insurance, agent management and accountancy fees. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to your annual service charge budget which is issued each year by your Property Manager.

Why do I pay ground rent?
Leaseholders may be obliged under the terms of their Lease to pay ground rent to the Freehold owner of their property. Ground rent is sometimes collected on behalf of the freeholder by Kingston and is separate to any other charges which are used for the management of your development.

How do I change my correspondence/billing address?
If you are changing your correspondence address, please contact us in writing so we can amend our records. If we are not notified of your address change we will not be able to send your service charge invoices to the correct address or inform you of important issues at your development.

What happens if I withhold service charge and ground rent payments?
If you do not pay charges on time which are allocated to you under the terms of your lease we will need to take steps to legally recover the outstanding debt. If you have a query or payment difficulties, please contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Why do I pay building insurance in my charges?
Under the terms of your lease you are usually responsible for contributing to the cost of the Buildings Insurance. Please note that if buildings insurance is paid through the service charge you do not need to arrange separate buildings insurance yourself. However, you will still need to arrange separate contents insurance for your property.

To make a claim on your buildings insurance, you will need to contact your buildings insurance provider directly. If you are unsure as to who provides your Buildings Insurance Policy, please contact us.

Why do I pay a reserve/sinking fund contribution?
The service charge budget is primarily for the day-to-day costs of managing your property. However, a reserve or sinking fund contribution is usually made each year to steadily build up a fund for future works. The reserve or sinking fund is used to fund unexpected costs or major works. The costs of major works will need to be apportioned and charged as a separate additional item if there are not enough funds available.

How do I arrange for the removal of bulky refuse?
You should always contact your Local Authority. Kingston cannot do this for residents. Items reported to Kingston will require a contractor and will be chargeable items through the service charge. Costs can be passed back to individuals if they do not make their own arrangements.

Where is my allocated parking bay?
Please refer to the plan that was provided to you with your lease when you purchased your property. If you do not have a copy, please contact us and we may be able to provide a copy. If not, you will need to refer back to the developer.

How do I report problems of noise/nuisance caused by other residents?
In the first instance we always ask residents to try and resolve any issues with their neighbours directly. Should the problem persist please contact your Local Authority’s Environmental Health Officer. The powers of managing agents are limited on such matters. Please see the ARMA guidance notes on our links page that offers practical advice and guidance.

I am buying/selling a property at a development managed by Kingston?
If you are in the process of selling or purchasing a property managed by Kingston please contact us and we will be able to advise further. It is important that all sales and purchases are notified through Kingston due to legal requirements which may differ dependent on the terms of the lease.

There is a problem with anti-social behaviour on my development, what can I do?
We will endeavour to help residents to take the necessary steps to protect themselves against anti-social behaviour. If you experience any problems of this nature, you should act immediately.

You should always contact your local neighbourhood policing team to report anti-social behaviour. Other agencies, such as environmental health, can also help residents in these matters.